A Mock Up week was conducted at the Institute, wherein group of Students were allocated a Mock up and a Faculty In-charge. The aim was to build up a working model or replica of the existing Aircraft system for the better understanding of its working and use.
We had an amazing experience while working this out. All the Students showed a contemplated exercise of various mock ups with high spirits of Team work.
The following mock ups were made under the able guidance of Staff and hard work of the students of this Institute.
These Mock up's are placed in Institute's various labs and are accessible for reference or study purpose of Students.

RPM Indicator

In the RPM indicator, how the rotor of the compressor gives drive to tacho generator & in terns to RPM indicator is explained over here. This consisting of : A) RPM Indicator B) The Techo Meter drive C) Axial Compressor.

Traffic Collision And Avoidance System (TCAS)

This mock-up is made to give the basic idea about the distance of the Aircraft maintained during the flight thereby avoiding head on collision in the air.

Float Type Fuel Quantity Indicator

How the float mechanism in used in Aircraft fuel system for indicating quantity of fuel available in tank.

Hydraulic & Pneumatic System Of An Aircraft

In this Block diagram how Hydraulic & Pneumatic system of Aircraft works & its principle.

Servo Tabs

This Mock-up explains the different tab position with servo operation of Aircraft flight control System.

Aircraft Fuel System

In this block diagram how fuel is transfer from Aircraft fuel tank to engine to generate thrust which is required for Aircraft propulsion.

Wind Tunnel

In this mock up with the help of wind tunnel how the air is getting separated above the aerofoil & below of the Aerofoil which generate lift for Aircraft flying.

Fire Protection System

This system is required to detect the fire in different region of Aircraft such as cockpit, Passenger cabin, cargo compartment etc.

Instrument Landing System (ILS)

This mock up explains the Aircraft landing system with the help of different instrument located in the run way end, threshold & centre line as well as instrument in the Aircraft.