Management/Portfolio Holder

Dr. Susmita R. Vikhe Patil
(Accontable Manager)

Leaders are born entities is a myth, our leader paved her own identity setting new benchmark and standards. A flamboyant in rural education and social welfare, she has been a source of excellence in promoting education and welfare to students across the state.

A person with a powerful charisma yet a humble nature, Dr. Sushmita Vikhe Patil has keen association with Aviation. Being from a strong educational institute background, she is Commercial Pilot License Holder herself which shows her zeal in being her own competition.

A sport that she plays by her own rules and principles, our leader has been Alpha for 108 educational institutions. She has been a role model for many proving her excellence and has shaped policies and initiatives aimed at improving the quality of education in the institutions led by her.

She settles nothing less than excellence and she has laid her life in attaining it.

She has been actively involved in publishing numerous research articles in various reputed Scopus indexed and UGC CARE journals. She never misses a chance in enhancing her knowledge by being updated with the latest affairs. She also actively takes part in various seminars and conferences of national and international repute.

With a diversified work experience, charismatic persona and a positive approach, our institute is augmented to imparting knowledge and excellence to students far and wide.

Mr. C R Mishra
(Training Manager)

An epitome of excellence and perfection, a bouquet of agility, dedication, discipline and most importantly a person with a legacy preceding ahead of his age.

With over 46 years of experience in the field of Aviation. 20 years of work experience in the IAF in the core department. 26 years and still counting in the field of Aviation Maintenance and engineering training. Has been a pioneer playing important roles as Chief Instructor for 6 years, Director Administration for 2 years and Training Manager of our institute since 2012. With a

zeal of promoting knowledge and excellence, he is also updated with the latest certification and accreditation and still in pursuit of more.

He has cleared LA CP and JE in AME, trained in HF CAR 147 Basic CAR145 SMS MTOE. He has been a regular speaker and mentor in seminars organized by various institutions. He is also proactive in UOM as paper setter and core team member to audit University affiliated Institutions. As the patience and the labour bore fruits of finesse, our institute has seen 100 percentile in DGCA Exam results on numerous turns.

As a whole he has been a path paver in the field of Aviation to over 5000 students since 1998, many now placed in the highest notch of the industry.

Mr. Nagmani Mishra
(Quality Manager)

He is holding the Basic Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Licence with BAMEL No 13906 issued by DGCA, Gov of India.

He is also a post graduate ( from the Deen Bandhu Chhotu Ram University of Science and Technology (DCRUST), a state university of Haryana and graduate (B.E.-Aero) from the Aeronautical Society of India, New Delhi. Mr. Nagmani has cleared the four times the GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) competitive exams of engineering with top most AIR 211 in aerospace. He is certified in CAR 66, 147 Basic, Human Factor and SMS training.

Mr. Nagmani is also certified in Quality Management System (QMS) - Internal Audit Training Course (ISO 9001: 2015). He is working in the field of aviation for the last 08 years of teaching and field experience. He has worked as an instructor cum trainees at Pawan Hans Limited - MRO, New De1lhi. He has provided with training to the licensed engineers

about the CAR 147 Basic, MTOE, CAR 66. With the experience of establishment of CAR 147 Basic training organization, he has bright knowledge all about the DGCA liasioning and documentation work. Apart from the aircraft maintenance he has experience in design software and worked as a software trainer.

Mr. Mishra is one of the key person for providing the training to the employees of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited for the establishment of Civil MRO project at HAL, Nashik and provided the training about CAR 145, CAR 21, CAR 66 modular training to HAL employees, officers. Mr. Nagmani has published the research paper for the study of Flow Behaviour Over Supercritical Aerofoil Respective to NACA Aerofoil through the publisher of International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET). He is a member of Aeronautical Society of India.

Being as a Quality Manager he is very responsible to his work culture, has a dynamic, motivational perspective with clear concept. He carries the same to the students and staffs for improving the quality standards of the organization and a better result.

As a whole he has been a path paver in the field of Aviation to over 5000 students since 1998, many now placed in the highest notch of the industry.

Mr. Pratham Chopde
(Examination Manager)

Enthusiastic Examination Manager with 12+ years experience. Skilled in Examination system that complies with the CAR 66/ Part 147 (Basic) and Approved MTOE requirements. He is holding BAMEC in LA & CP and has passed all the modules of Category B.1.1. He is also Working as Mechanical Instructor (Theory & Practical), providing quality instruction for a diverse student population and performing instructional duties and responsibilities. As a workshop in-charge involved in Inventory management, Safety management, Conducting practical related to Maintenance Practices, documentation work for the practicals and basic maintenance of Cessna 152 A/C.

Mr. Pratham Pramod Chopde is also working as Chairperson of exam committee (University of Mumbai) and coordinating with the University for conducting the curriculum B.Sc in Aeronautics.

Institute Development Committee

SN Designation/Role Name Position Held in Institution
1. Chairperson of the Committee Mr. C R Mishra Training Manager cum Principal
2. Head of Administrative Department and Procurements, Member Mr. Dinesh Gadiya Administrative Officer
3. Coordinator, Member Mr. Nagmani Mishra Quality Manager
4. Head of all digital platform, Member Mr. Pratham Chopde Examination Manager/Chairperson
5. Teaching Representative, Member Mr. Bijaya K. Ojha Dy. Training Manager, Asst. Professor

Academic Staff

1. Mr. C R Mishra Training Manager/ Instructor/ Practical Assessor/Examiner

B.E. in Mechanical(Equivalent)

2. Mr. Nagmani Mishra Quality Manager M.Tech, BE-Aero, BAMEC in ES,IS,RN (B2 Complete)
3. Mr. Pratham Chopde Examination Manager/ Instructor AME, BAMEC– LA, CP, HA, JE (B1.1 Complete)
4. Mr. Bijaya Ketan Ojha Dy. Training Manager/ Instructor / Practical Assessor/Examiner BAMEC in HA, JE
5. Mr. O.P. Yadav Instructor / Practical Assessor B.E. (Electrical) BAMEC – RN, IS,ES
6. Mr. Abhishek Lal Instructor / Practical assessor/Examiner BAMEC in JE
7. Mr. Mayadhar Nayak Instructor / Practical Assessor/ Examiner B.E.-Mechanical (Equivalent)
8. Mr. Amol Ladvikar Instructor/ Practical Assessor B.E. (Electronics)
9. Ms. Pratibha Nikam Instructor/ Practical Assessor/Examiner M.E. (E &T.C.)
10. Mr. Dinesh Gadiya Instructor/Practical Assessor/Examiner B.E. (Electronics & T.C.)
11. Ms. Snehal Chaugule Instructor/ Examiner B.Sc., AME, Paper1 &2
12. Ms. Pranjal Patil Instructor M.E. (E & T.C.)
13. Mr. Sachin Ghegadmal Instructor (practical) Dip (mech.)
14. Mrs. Chaitali s. Kalaskar Instructor M.E. (VLSI & Embeded)
15. Ms. Priyanka Thanage Instructor/ Examiner AME, Bs.c Aeronautics
16. Mr. Kunal Guleria Instructor/ Practical Assessor/Examiner AME B1.1, Bs.c Aeronautics
17. Ms. Sweta Verma Instructor/Examiner AME B2, Bs.c –AME
18. Mr. P V Raut Instructor/ Practical Assessor/Examiner DME (Eq to BE), BAMEC-HA, JE
19. Mr. S P Singh Instructor/Practical Assessor/Examiner, AME-B2
20. Mr. Shubham Kadam Instructor/ Practical Assessor/Examiner B.Sc (Aero), AME-B2
21. Ms. Gitika Verma Instructor/Examiner M.Tech(E&C), (E&C)
22. Mr. Anand Kumar Upadhyay Instructor/Examiner/Practical Assessor AME (B2), B.Tech-Aero

Non Academic Staff

Admin Staff

1. Mr. Dinesh Gadiya Administrative Officer B.E E&TC
2. Ms. Poonam Jadhav Students Cell Coordinator MA, B.Ed
3. Ms. Vaishali Bhane Librarian M.Lib
4. Mr. Ganesh Kedar Accountant M.Com
5. Mr. Tukaram Bhane Electrician ITI

Support Staff

1. Mr. Amol Dive Peon HSC
2. Mr. Rahul Pulate Peon HSC
3. Mr. Kishor Ingale Peon/Mali SSC
4. Ms. Vandana Dive Peon 7th Standard